Thursday, October 27, 2011

Working on my WAHM status.

I am a stay at home mom and currently a full time student online. I run an Etsy shop to make a little extra money- but should I consider myself a WAHM? I feel like the amount of time I put into my shop and the little amount of money I make doesn't make me worthy of the title. I'd like to be up to that level one day. I'm hoping that through this blog I can help others in similar situations and also help myself out along the way. I'm always on the lookout for deals as well. I'll post some here as well to share with my fellow handmade lovers and sellers. In the present economy we could all use a little extra.

The internet now offers tons of ways to save money and potentially make money. I for one, don't have a ton of money to put into things, so my options become a little limited. But I do have a sliver of time I can dedicate (like right now- just put DD to bed. :-)). Here are some great deals and programs I've found that I can work into my somewhat hectic life.

I have a widget to the right where you can get started. You earn points for searching, referring friends, completing surveys, completing offers, or watching SwagTV. You can redeem Swagbucks for prizes, giftcards, or (my favorite) PayPal cash! Get started now and score some Christmas gifts for free!

I love Superpoints, the idea is the same as Swagbucks, but I find it a lot easier to earn Superpoints (plus giftcard and paypal cash "cost" less points through this system) You earn points in a similar manner, but instead of searching for points you just click the SuperLucky Button. (easy peasy!) Plus, you get Super Lucky mail via email and earn even more free points. Superpoints is invite only- so use one of my invite links to the right to get started. They're one time use only, so grab 'em before they're used! I'll try and update them often.  but, let me know if they all don't work and you'd like an invite so I can get one to you.

And finally-
No More Rack.
It's a daily deal site and the best one I've used by far! They have 8 deals a day for really great items. I've ordered multiple things from them for super cheap and have nothing but good things to say! This is a great site to join and score some great Holiday gifts without breaking the bank. They've got something for everyone. Sign up HERE with your email and use code P1070 to earn a $10 giftcard/credit on your new account. I've bought lingerie, shoes, nail polish, and an iPod accessories for under $25 total (including shipping!) You really can't beat the deals.

These are just some things I've found that work for me and wanting to pass on my savings and earnings to you as the holiday season approaches!

Now I'm off to study. And I should do a little cleaning. Even though I'll most likely end up sewing. :)

Craft on,



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